This year, Give "Green" and save some too with our picks for Hot Gifts.  
If you're looking to be eco-unique while getting a big bang for your buck, we've got the guide for you! 

Everyone's sensitive about the state of the economy and earth, so we've made it easy for you to shop smart.  Save time and money by shopping online, plus our list includes lots of picks for under $40.
  Your friends and family are sure to appreciate your approach to gift giving this season. is proud to present our Special Gift Guide.

Simplify your shopping and save, we've got fresh & green ideas for everyone on your list!  

1.  The Ultimate Gift  - A Bit Of Luxury For Everyone                                

Organica Deluxe Gift Boxes

Treat someone you love to something extraordinary.  In a world with so much that is beautiful, why not let what is truly good - good for others, good for the environment and good for ourselves - cast the deciding vote? Luxury gift boxes filled with premium eco-boutique products.

Just one Organica Deluxe gift box supports sustainable manufacturers, organic farmers and community artisans round the globe.

Gifts Boxes are available with Beautiful Organic Flowers, Delicious Organic Wine and Chocolate, Eco Conscious Home Products, Organic and Eco Friendly Baby Gifts, Eco-Snacks and more... or customize your own gift box and create one that is perfectly suited for that special someone.

We absolutely love this site and it's products plus the packaging of the gift box smacks of luxury! launched this amazing site October 28th, 2008 - so be one of the first to send this special gift this season.


Starting at $35 - They are Gorgeously Green!  Organica Deluxe is offering Partybluprints' customer's 10% OFF !  Use the code "giver" at checkout.

Available at

2.  For Her                                                                                               

Scandle Candle

Give her the Scandle Candle and let her the experience the ultimate spa feeling of a body candle, it's truly a treat! Let her light the candle in the bathroom before the bath or shower and enjoy the room-enhancing scent. After bathing she can use the melted portion of the candle (which burns at a cooler temperature then hot wax) as an aromatherapy soy lotion for her skin. The Scandle Body Massage Candle works perfectly as a body moisturizer, warm body massage oil, or as a soothing Vitamin E rich lotion for manicures and pedicures. 

Scandles are not only healthy for her skin, but are healthy for the environment because they are...
  • All natural and are made from FDA approved ingredients including shea butter, cosmetic grade soy butter, jojoba, vitamin E, & body safe fragrance or essential oils.

  • No Stearic Acid

  • The wick is cotton and contains no lead or zinc.

  • Contains no paraffin or petroleum

  • Free of UV inhibitors

Scandle Essentials 7.5 oz, Burn time 30-50 hours. Scandle is in re-usable ceramic container with pour spout (refills will be available soon).  $21.95

Scandle Essentials 4oz Travel Tin, Burn time 15-30 hours $12.95
Available at

3.  For Her                            

Tees For Change

Give her a wonderful message to wear throughout the year!  Sustainable "Tees on a Mission" offers four styles with five messages for women starting at $28.

Available at

4.  For Him                                                                                                                                                                    

Solar Powered World Atomic Time Watch

Give him a cool gadget that shows you care about the planet.  This watch receives WWVB radio signals from five atomic clocks across the world, which will neither gain nor lose a second in 30 million years, ensuring accurate timekeeping when traveling. The watch can synchronize with an atomic time signal from up to 2,000 miles away from one of the atomic transmitters located in Fort Collins, Colorado; Rugby, England; Mainflingen, Germany; Fukushima and Fukuoka, Japan, while only requiring you to set your current location at the touch of a button. The watch also calibrates Greenwich Mean Time in 48 world cities and across 29 time zones. A solar panel in the face powers the battery, an integrated stopwatch measures elapsed time, split time, and first and second place times down to 1/1000 of a second. With four daily alarms and a snooze button, hourly chime, and countdown timer. Water resistant up to 660'. Diam. (2 1/2 oz.) Lifetime guarantee. $119.95

Available at

5.   For the Hip Hostess                               

Rosanna Illuminare Votives

Give the gift of color and light.  Rosanna was inspired when she walked into one of the oldest cathedrals in Verona, Italy.  She was struck by the interior, illuminated by hundreds of glittering votives and set out to create her own Illuminare Votives.   Hand made out of recycled glass,  they create a soulful and contemplative environment all year round when they are scattered or grouped throughout the home. 
$54.00 set of 6 small,  $60.00 set of 6 large

Available at

6.  For the Romantic                                                                             

The gift of time together. 

Give the gift of time together and enjoy each others' company.  Set some time aside with your loved one to relax, snuggle and sip on something special by the fire.  This gift is free but worth a million at the holidays when the hustle and bustle of the season has everyone stressed out.  Be sure to keep it green with a Java Log and some organic wine (check out the selection from item #1).   

Java-Log: The World's Only Eco-Friendly Coffee Firelog!  

Java-Log is the most innovative, funky new fireplace item that has quickly become the people's choice firelog including even Ellen Degeneres. It offers a wonderful solution to the much detested chemical smell associated often with other firelogs since Java-Log has No Chemical Smell, contributes positively to several environmental concerns and burns beautifully, hassle free. We have Java-fans all over North America who daily thank us for such a great product. Below are just some reasons fans everywhere choose Java-Log as their preferred firelog.

  • Better/Brighter Flames - most natural flame; coffee has 25% more energy than wood and 3x the flame per unit of energy
  • No Chemical Odor/ Better Scent - has "NO CHEMICAL SMELL", some people claim to smell a faint sweet aroma!
  • Reduced Emissions - Java-Logs produce significantly fewer emissions than firewood

Java Log Store Locator

7.  For Baby                                                                                          

Bamboo Baby Clothing

Yes, this is a great green gift for baby! Bamboo clothing offers a new level of luxury and comfort, in a sustainable and ethical way.  Bamboo fabric is incredibly soft, smooth and luxuriously comfortable.  Bamboo is being called "the New Cotton" .  Give the Bambino in your life some bamboo!

Gifts start at $8.00 ( hat shown $16.00)
Check out the Bamboo Baby Clothing line at

8.  For Little Ones                                                                                   

Cagola Balancing Game

This is a good old fashion and fun game that will give "little ones" a break from the electronics!  Young seafarers must load the ship with precious cargo, adding each piece ever so thoughtfully to balance the load, or rock the boat and send everything tumbling off into the sea. This quick-to-play game is made from eco-friendly bamboo and includes sailing ship, 36 cargo items in 3 different shapes, die, simple instructions and storage canister.   Endless balancing fun on wild waters, for ages 4 and up. $14.98

Available at

9.  For Teen Girls                                                                                    

Love Peace Earth Jewelry

Peace Love Earth Jewelry is that "cool" gift for any teen girl and contains an even "cooler" message! 

"This jewelry was inspired by a want to provoke thought about these three words: PEACE, LOVE, and EARTH. Scientific experiments done by Masura Emoto of Japan, showed that words, thoughts, and feelings actually change the molecular structure of water. When words like thank you, and love were written on a container of water, the water formed beautiful structures, and the reverse happened with negative words. We are made of mostly water, and so is the earth. The same was done with thoughts, music, and prayers. What we "write" on ourselves, think about ourselves, and think about others makes all the difference." - PeaceLoveEarthJewelry

-Peace Love Earth charms necklace on 18" small diamond cut bead chain. Charms made from recycled pure .925 sterling silver. Comes in a peace-sealed recycled paper box with organic cotton keepsake pouch. Handmade in Los Angeles, CA. Charms are 1/4" - $80

-Manifest your dreams! Recycled pure sterling silver 1/4" earth & peace charms on soothing sienna colored organic string. The roots of this wish bracelet are in ancient Armenian tradition. How it works: 1. Make one knot for each of your seven wishes in the string. 2. Tie the bracelet around your wrist. 3. Trust that your wishes are going to come true when you look at your bracelet and at the knots. Breathe. Remind yourself of what you want in your life 4. When the bracelet comes off by itself, believe, and your wishes will manifest. - $45

Available at

10.  For Teen Boys                                                                                     


What do most teen boy wants - speed and fun! Give 'em what they want!  The Arbor Koa Pin skateboard is the classic, tapered carver with an oversize wheel base and wide mid-section for deep, open stance, lock-and-hold skating. EcoTechnology: Koa Wood Finish Ply - The sustainably harvested finish ply adds strength and return, while creating a one-of-a-kind look that's only possible with koa. Koa, or "warrior" wood, is prized for its rich colors and unique grain patterns. It was first used 1,000 years ago by the native Hawaiians to build the original surfboards. SPECIFICATIONS:, Length - 46", Wide Point - 9.50", Wheel Base - 31", Deck - Concave

$ 169.50 and free shipping

11.   For Teacher / Coach                                                                 

Holiday Shortbread Cookie Tin

Called "The Cornucopia" by House and Garden Magazine, this delightful holiday tin is filled with an assortment of seasonal cookies - Gingerbread Folks, Mocha Marble Shortbread Rounds, Snickerdoodle Stars. Each tin contains 40 cookies in which you`ll taste the passion for food, good baking ideas and quality that lands so many honors and accolades for Dancing Deer.  Makes a delicious gift and shows your appreciation for those special people in your kids lives! (15 oz. - $19.95)

Available at


12. For Everyone                                                            

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a simple and easy gift that are appreciated by everyone.   No shopping, wasting time, money or gas running around for the "right thing" - you will have peace of mind they'll get what they want with this gift! 

Order online from hundreds of stores at

13.  For Students                      

The Jimi wallet

The Jimi wallet is the perfect gift for the young adults in your life.  It is a compact, colorful, and water resistant answer to the stodgy outdated leather wallet. It's designed to slip into your front pocket, purse, or around your neck on a lanyard. If you like cash, JimiX forgoes the internal money clip for a higher capacity and more robust external money clip. And what to do with those pesky, easy-to-lose memory cards? Try an SD card clip for your Jimi wallet or a Jimi Multi Media memory card case, which holds a whole range of different memory card sizes. And just launched the Jimi Game Shell. A compact, attachable case that carries DS, PSP games and Sony memory sticks.

Accessory products are generally made with little concern for the environmental impact of the materials used, who makes 'em, or where they're manufactured. Cost is pretty much the only concern. The makers of Jimi Wallets decided to take a look at these elements and impose some control over them; namely use lower impact materials, avoid sweatshop labor and manufacture their product locally. They do all this while making well-designed, high quality, desirable products that are competitively priced.

The Jimi Wallet was successfully launched in 2005, and it's now in all 50 states, in over 350 cities and towns across the globe, and sold everywhere from the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum in NYC to a tiny Scuba gear shop in an Egyptian seaside resort.

As a special gift the generous folks at Jimi Wallets are offering Partybluprints'customers 15% OFF  any product when they enter "PARTY" in the coupon code! (Offer valid 11/10/08 - 12/31/08)

Regular Price $12.95 - $15.95
Available at



14.  For Eco-Chic Traveler                                                      

Jendarling Garment Bag

Give a perfect gift to the jet-setter in your life.  Put an end to the use of outdated plastic garment bags and give the gift of a beautifully crafted garment bag.  The lux and lux lite lines allow you to store up to five items, leave room for accessories at the bottom and include a small internal pocket for jewelry items, all while keeping your threads wrinkle free.

Also perfect for storing those idolized threads because they allow them to breathe and enhance longevity. They are highly recommended for protection of natural fibers and leather.

Jendarling Bags are only made with the finest and organic-friendly materials such as organic cotton twill and hemp blends, 100% cotton duck and twill, and the not so sound, but stylish 100% silk and leather.

Starting at $120
Available at


15.  For Tea Lovers                                                               

Numi Tea Gift Sets

True tea lovers will treasure Numi's beautiful tea gift sets.  They are elegant showcases for their exceptional line of organic teas and herbal teasans. Numi teas offer the real taste of tea by hand-blending organic whole leaf teas, fresh pure herbs and real fruits without using oils, flavorings or tea dust.  

Exotic Bamboo Boxes, stylish Tea Chests and chic Flowering Tea Bamboo Bins create the perfect package for a unique gift. Numi chose bamboo for their gift boxes and merchandising not only for how its beauty compliments tea, but also for its sustainability and abundance.


Starting at $24.99
Available at

16.  For the Neighbors, Customers, or Party Favors                                                             

Olinda Ridge Olive Oil Gift Pack

Give a unique and special gift to friends and introduce them to fine organic olive oil. Once they taste the difference and learn the health benefits of this delicious gift they will be hooked for life!  Buy the gift pack and get 12 unique gifts for neighbors or a dozen delicious party favors!

This value gift pack comes with twelve bottles of handcrafted certified organic extra virgin olive twelve gift bags made of beautiful natural handmade papers with window to show off your gift plus twelve gift cards plus:

Makes your holiday and corporate gift-giving fast and easy.

12 bottles total / 500 ml size
12 gift bags
12 gift cards
12 $5 gift certificates to
FREE SHIPPING on this gift pack!


Olinda Ridge produces 100% organic olive oil from California. The organic olive oil is created purely from organically grown olives, and has a richness in color and taste that is pretty hard to beat.   The organic olive oil is a mission/manzanillo blend produced using the integrale method, a process in which the olives are depitted before being processed. This ensures the lowest acidity possible in an olive oil and results in the highest polyphenol count and antioxidants. In addition, the olives are harvested for the organic olive oil earlier in the season when the olives are greener. Olinda Ridge Estate Organic is the only depitted olive oil in the United States. For people who are allergic to nut meats and olive pits, this olive oil is safe as we don't crush the pit in with the olive meat. It's pit-free!

$185 for gift pack - that is just $15.50 per gift!
Available at

17.  For the Boss                                                                

Rosanna Heavenly Glass

Truely heavenly and ethereal designs encircle goblet, hurricanes and bottles made from recycled coke bottles. These glasses are really so exquisite you can pair them with your finest china for a refreshing look at a holiday table. Hand made out of recycled glass!  They are a special gift for someone who loves to entertain, a great gift for the Boss or when you want to make a lasting impression with your gift.

"I had to share the rave reviews I received on the Rosanna Heavenly Bottle (15 inch).  I poured 2 bottles of red wine into this bottle and used it as a decanter on Thanksgiving.  Not only did it make a beautiful presentation (several men even commented on it!), but it made all feel they were drinking something extra special.  Although I can't quite put my finger on the "specialness" of the bottle and wine glasses, there is an ethereal quality emitted from these recycled coke bottles - they just look and feel heavenly!  If you want delivery by Christmas, hurry up and place your order by 12/8 (it's listed as a Heavenly Vase, but click through and you'll see it as the 15 inch bottle). is offering free shipping on orders $99+, use coupon code C88267." 
- Elizabeth

Available at

18.  For Chocolate Lovers                                                         

Katherine Anne Confections

These are some of the best chocolates we have ever tasted and will make a fabulous gift for chocolate lovers with discriminating taste.   Katherine Anne focuses on local and organic ingredients to get such decadent truffles. The chocolates are hand dipped, creating an elegant, unique look.  The beautiful fair-trade boxes make a pretty and eco-friendly gift.  Starting at $9.50.

Coming in three sizes, three piece, seven piece, or nineteen piece, this medley contains:

  • Java
  • Hazlenut
  • Creme de Menthe
  • Coconut Rum
  • Cherry Amaretto
  • Citrus

Available at